Top Female Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2021

Top Female Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2021

Women today have more opportunities than ever before, and many women are taking advantage of these opportunities by starting their own business. Watching these women succeed is great motivation to get out there and do it yourself. Here are the top 5 female entrepreneurs to watch in 2021.

1. Reshma Saujani

Not too long ago, women wouldn’t have the opportunity to work in a number of different industries that they occupy today. Many of us can’t imagine a time when women were told they didn’t belong in an engineering classroom, and that’s due to women like Reshma Saujani. Saujani created Girls Who Code- a nonprofit that encourages girls to find their place in math and science industries. Not only is her idea progressive and compelling, but it also does a lot of good. Even though this business is non profit, Saujani demonstrates her ingenuity and ability to create something out of nothing.

2. Rihanna

Rihanna is not only a gorgeous singer from the Bahamas but also a savvy business woman as well. She created her Savage X Fenty brand that sells anything a woman could need in terms of beauty and lingerie. That brand is now worth $1,000,000,000. That’s in addition to all of the concert sales and media sales. Rihanna is no longer on her home island of Bermuda, because she may be able to buy her own island soon.

3. Jessica Alba

Gorgeous actress and mother Jessica Alba knows a thing or two about good skin. That’s why it makes sense that she created a beauty and health company known as Honesty. It has everything that a mom could want in the bathroom, and it also carries items for the babies, too. To help ease a new mom’s mind, everything sold by Honesty is 100% natural and safe. Because she has everything she needs from her brand to be her best self, we don’t see her slowing down any time soon.

4. Nancy Etz

The entertainment industry was an attractive field for English-major Nancy Etz. That’s why she started working for herself as an agent for literature and television. She has become an expert in her field, working with other female entrepreneurs every day. She suggests women find their authentic self and maybe find a mentor in order to follow their own dreams.

5. Sayali Karanjkar

Sayali Karanjkar saw a need in her native home of India of access to immediate funds. Not everyone can get money when they need it through traditional means. That’s why Karanjkar created PaySense. The system uses research on banking trends to create the best platform for customers, and it is specifically designed for women’s needs. This has helped solidify Karanjkar as a woman to look out for in 2021.

Women are expected to do everything these days, and that’s because we have proven we can do it. No matter what industry you want to break into, let these women and other women show you the endless possibilities. If they can do it, you can do it, too.

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