Slaske Builders Build Custom Home For Homeless Olaf

Slaske Builders Build Custom Home For Homeless Olaf

It’s not often you hear of stories where someone goes out of their way, looking for someone to bless. Although you don’t hear of these stories, it doesn’t necessarily mean they do not happen. Just last year, a man from Norway traveled to Ohio to meet the woman of his dreams. The man, whose name is Olaf, spent everything he had to make this trip possible. Olaf had said that he and the woman, whose name is private, had been talking long distance for  2 years and he decided it had been long enough and they must meet each other.

When the time finally came, he arrived in Ohio looking for his lover, but she was no where to be found. Text message after text message, phone call after phone call was made, but to no success. After spending the entire day stranded in the airport, it has become apparent that the woman Olaf had spent everything he had to be with her had deceived him and now there was no way to get back. Brokenhearted, abandoned and alone, Olaf took a walk miles down the busy road to the closest park and sat down on a bench, still trying to get in touch with the woman.

Eventually, a wealthy man who happened to be strolling in the park that fine day saw Olaf and decided to pay it forward and hear his story. He took a seat beside the saddened man from Norway and listened. Olaf told the man he spent all he had on the love for a woman and was now alone and homeless. The wealthy man’s heart sunk. He wanted to help Olaf, but wasn’t sure how, until he was stuck with an idea. He called up Slaske Builders in Toledo, Ohio and told them to prepare to build a custom home on his lot. He just ordered a house to be built for Olaf.

The foreign man was shocked, stunned, speechless beyond belief. “Why would you do such a thing for a total stranger?” he asked. The wealthy man smiled and replied, “I am blessed to have all that I do, but if I never use the blessings I have to bless others, what good are they? What good am I? The whole reason why I am blessed is to bless someone else.” The wealthy man bought Olaf his furniture and hired him to work at his company. Instantly, Olaf’s life was restored again. Although he lost a lover, he gained so much more.

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